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Magic Owl with Starry Wizard Hat Cufflinks

In a survey of 714 corporate directors, four-fifths of whom were men, consultant PwC in October found 84 percent said diversity enhances board performance. But 52 percent agreed, at least somewhat, that “board diversity efforts are driven by political correctness.”. Some companies now provide diversity information in their proxy statements, with varying degrees of specificity tiffany knot cufflinks. Last year consumer finance provider Regional Management Corp included a matrix showing which four of its eight directors were “White/Caucasian” and which four were “Hispanic/Latino.”..

Regional director Roel Campos said investors probably want these additional details, as many of Regional’s customers are Latino tiffany knot cufflinks. “We believe that by putting them out there investors are better informed and can judge for themselves whether our diversity is the type that helps deliver positive performance,” said Campos, a former securities regulator who is also the incoming chair of the Latino Corporate Directors Association in Washington, D.C. As it stands, minorities are scarce on corporate boards relative to their populations: African Americans account for 13 percent of the U.S. population, and those who are “Hispanic or Latino” account for 18 percent, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau estimates..

The numbers analyzed by ISS Analytics focused on the roughly 2,000 new board members added to Russell 3000 companies each year tiffany knot cufflinks. The firm estimates that among the roughly 21,000 current directors, about 18 percent are women and 10 percent are minorities, including 3.2 percent who are black and 1.7 percent who are Latino. In the past, some companies have argued that it is hard to find qualified women and minorities for their boards. Luis Aguilar, another former securities regulator who sits on several corporate boards, was skeptical..

“I no longer give much credibility to people saying they can’t find who they’re looking for, because I can quickly find who they’re looking for” through trade groups and other organizations, Aguilar said. Deb DeHaas, vice-chairman of the Deloitte consulting firm, said its data shows minority directors tend to serve on more boards than non-minorities, suggesting companies keep going back to the same people. “You need to widen the aperture of where you’re looking,” she said tiffany knot cufflinks.

(Reuters) – Ford Motor Co has told British Prime Minister Theresa May that it is stepping up preparations to move production out of Britain, The Times reported on Tuesday. The automaker told the prime minister during a private call with business leaders that it is preparing alternative sites abroad, the report said. In a statement to Reuters, Ford said a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for its manufacturing operations in Britain. “We have long urged the UK Government and Parliament to work together to avoid the country leaving the EU on a no-deal, hard Brexit basis,” the United States No.2 automaker said tiffany knot cufflinks.