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STRETCHED THIN. The deal contains multiple measures, including the threat of sanctions, to prevent a scenario in which Deripaska could exercise control over the companies at board level by acting in concert with other shareholders. But many of those measures operate on the basis of self-reporting: the companies must inform the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of any attempt by Deripaska and other shareholders to form a coalition. Elizabeth Rosenberg, a former U.S tateossian cufflinks selfridges. Treasury official at the Center for a New American Security think-tank, said OFAC, which administers U.S. sanctions regimes against Iran, Venezuela and elsewhere, may not have the resources to track Deripaska’s role..

“I am worried that, in fact, the task may be beyond them and that in fact they are stretched extremely thin, with an array of other priorities .. and that they won’t have the bandwidth to follow up adequately,” Rosenberg said. A U.S. Treasury Department spokesman who spoke on condition of anonymity said the deal was robust enough to sever Deripaska’s control over Rusal, En+ and power company ESE – as well as block any attempts to circumvent the rules tateossian cufflinks selfridges. “Those who transact business for or on his behalf run the risk of being sanctioned themselves, including VTB Bank or Glencore should they choose to work on Deripaska’s behalf,” said the spokesman..

Deripaska’s representative, VTB and Glencore declined to comment. While the threat of new sanctions is potentially serious for international companies, one European diplomat, who declined to be named, said the risk of being hit by OFAC penalties may have little impact on Russians with limited ties to the West. “If you are a Russian, living in Russia .. why would you care?” the diplomat. Deripaska, who created his empire after coming out on top in the brutal Russian aluminum wars of the 1990s, is known in the Russian business world as a fighter who never gives up – regardless of the domestic or global balance of power tateossian cufflinks selfridges.

He has spent the past two decades carefully building his chain of assets, hand-picking management teams going back to when he took control of his first Siberian smelters. And until he agreed to cut his stake in En+ under the U.S. deal, he had never sold a major asset in his life. The U.S tateossian cufflinks selfridges. Treasury spokesman said Deripaska had contractually committed not to try to exercise control over En+ or companies it owns or controls, including their boards or management. The deal also requires En+ and its companies to maintain records of any contacts between Deripaska and the boards, management, employees, or agents of En+, the spokesman said, adding that managers who engage in any contacts that are inappropriate under the agreement must be removed..

Asked what mechanism OFAC would use to police compliance and how much capacity it had for independent checks, the spokesman said information provided by En+ and its companies would supplement and be confirmed by a team of U.S. investigators tateossian cufflinks selfridges. “This team will review all submissions to OFAC from En+, Rusal and ESE, in addition to using other resources to monitor the actions of Deripaska, the companies, and their board members, to ensure that Deripaska is not able to exercise unofficial control over En+, Rusal, or ESE,” the spokesman said..