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Gunvor had started the process and invested millions of dollars before changing its mind. The investments will have to be written off, the sources said. Gunvor told bankers it is studying the option of bringing in a strategic partner for the Ingolstadt refinery. Gunvor also had to allocate under $100 million as provisions for litigations that are still open, including in China oversized cufflinks. Last year, one of its former managing directors based in Singapore was sentenced to 12 years in jail for evading Chinese tariffs on fuel imports. As part of the probe, Chinese authorities also seized a fuel tanker..

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is pursuing a contempt order against Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk, saying he violated a fraud settlement by tweeting material information without preapproval, sending the firm’s shares down 5 percent. The SEC’s request potentially could reopen a turbulent chapter for the electric vehicle maker in which regulators last year accused Musk of fraud for making misleading tweets about plans to take the company private, and demanded that he be stripped of his CEO title oversized cufflinks.

Musk, Tesla and the SEC settled the lawsuit, and part of the settlement called for any material statements made by Musk on social media to be vetted in advance by the company. In a court filing on Monday, the regulator pointed to a Musk Feb oversized cufflinks. 19 tweet: “Tesla made 0 cars in 2011, but will make around 500k in 2019,” noting that Musk did not seek or receive preapproval before publishing this tweet, which was inaccurate and disseminated to over 24 million people. “Musk has thus violated the court’s final judgment by engaging in the very conduct that the preapproval provision of the final judgment was designed to prevent,” the SEC wrote in its motion filed on Monday in federal court in Manhattan..

The motion asks the judge to issue an order that would put the onus on Musk to show why he should not be held in contempt for violating the settlement oversized cufflinks. Musk corrected his tweet four hours later to say that the “annualized production rate” at year-end 2019 would probably be about 500,000, with deliveries expected to be about 400,000. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Musk shot back on Twitter on Monday night, tweeting: “SEC forgot to read Tesla earnings transcript, which clearly states 350k to 500k. How embarrassing …”..

Musk was referring to comments made by him in January to analysts that Tesla would make “maybe on the order of 350,000 to 500,000 Model 3s, something like that this year”. Tesla and Musk agreed in September to pay $20 million each to the SEC, and the billionaire stepped down as the company’s chairman but remained as chief executive. In the settlement, the agency pulled back from its original demand that Musk, who is synonymous with the Tesla brand, be barred from running Tesla, a sanction many investors said would be disastrous oversized cufflinks.

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LONDON (Reuters) – Energy trader Gunvor Group is considering selling non-core assets in Russia and finding a strategic partner for its German refinery as it tries to recover from the first-ever annual loss it suffered in 2018, trading and banking sources said. Four sources familiar with the development said the plan had been discussed in recent meetings between Gunvor’s majority owner Torbjorn Tornqvist and Gunvor’s main lending banks. The sources asked that neither they nor their banks be identified because they were not allowed to speak to the media custom cufflinks with photos. The plan and losses had not previously been reported..

Gunvor, formed at the start of the century by Tornqvist and his former Russian partner Gennady Timchenko, first specialized in Russian crude and product sales. It became at one point the biggest seller of Russian oil thanks to what it described as excellent Russian connections. Its role in Russian oil shrank earlier this decade and the trading house diversified into other areas and products. Last year was widely considered to have been difficult for merchants as traders lost money on sharp, unexpected price swings in oil benchmarks such as Dated Brent and U.S custom cufflinks with photos. West Texas Intermediate..

Sources said Gunvor’s underlying trading business remained profitable and strong in 2018. However, the trader suffered losses due to one-off factors that will not be repeated this year, the sources said. Those included a write-down of several tens of millions of dollars because of an abandoned upgrade of its Rotterdam refinery, a write-down relating to the Lagansky Caspian Sea oil block in which it no longer holds an interest, and provisions for legal cases that remain open custom cufflinks with photos. Gunvor told its bankers that 2018 losses would be non-recurring, the sources said. Final 2018 results will not be published before April. Preliminary nine-month results for 2018 showed a loss in excess of $100 million due to the one-offs, two of the four sources said..

Gunvor declined to discuss the plan and financial performance. “Gunvor has proactively addressed challenges it faced in 2018 by making decisive, strategic adjustments, including restructuring, trimming costs, and investing in its trading platform,” a company spokesman said. “Gunvor is already off to a strong start across the board in 2019.”. The losses follow a weak performance in 2017, when the firm’s net profit fell nearly 50 percent due to the high cost of building a U.S. trading presence from scratch and a prolonged turnaround at its German Ingolstadt refinery custom cufflinks with photos.

The decline prompted a revamp of the company’s leadership structure, with the announced departure of its chief financial officer, who will be replaced by Muriel Schwab later this year. Gunvor owns three refineries in northwest Europe with a capacity of just over 300,000 barrels per day (bpd). The firm had planned to upgrade its Rotterdam plant with a coker unit to increase the output of higher-value products. Installing such units can cost hundreds of millions of dollars and up to $1 billion for large refineries custom cufflinks with photos.

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“There are mixed feelings about the tariffs, but a majority are in support of the tariffs continuing at the present time,” chamber chairman Tim Stratford said at the briefing. “People don’t like tariffs, and that’s truly understandable. But they also think that maybe the tariffs have done some good in provoking very serious negotiations between the two sides,” Stratford told Reuters earlier. Chamber president Alan Beebe said 47 percent of members wanted the U.S. government to “advocate more strongly” for a level playing field for U.S. businesses in the world’s second-largest economy wedding cufflinks for groom.

“That figure is almost twice what it was a year ago,” Beebe said. The chamber said 19 percent of its companies were adjusting supply chains or seeking to source components and assembly outside of China as a result of tariffs wedding cufflinks for groom. Twenty-eight percent were delaying or cancelling investment decisions in China. Trump’s decision to delay the tariff increase has been greeted with a mixture of relief and dread among U.S. industry groups and lawmakers, many of which are increasingly fed up with what they say is China’s failure to live up to its World Trade Organization commitments..

Some have expressed concerns that after nearly eight months of tit-for-tat tariffs roiling global financial markets, disrupting manufacturing supply chains, and shrinking U.S. farm exports, Trump could end up settling for a deal that increases commodity sales to Beijing while doing little to change China’s underlying trade practices and industrial policies wedding cufflinks for groom. In his Feb. 5 State of the Union address, Trump said a China trade deal “must include real, structural change to end unfair trade practices, reduce our chronic trade deficit, and protect American jobs.”..

BARCELONA (Reuters) – The telecoms industry is acutely aware of the need to ensure that ever-more complex mobile networks are safe, the head of its main lobby group told Reuters, as debate swirls over whether to bar some equipment vendors on national security grounds. The GSMA, which groups 300 operators worldwide, has pushed back against U.S wedding cufflinks for groom. calls on its European allies to bar Huawei Technologies over concerns the firm is too close to the Chinese state and its equipment may be open to cyber spies..

It has instead proposed a stronger Europe-wide testing regime to ensure that, as operators build next-generation 5G networks, smartphones and the billions of connected devices that will be hooked up to the ‘Internet of Things’ are protected from hackers. “We are now moving into intelligent connectivity, which means that more stuff will be connected,” said Mats Granryd, director general of the GSMA that is hosting the Mobile World Congress, a major annual industry gathering in Barcelona wedding cufflinks for groom.

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“If we have doubts today, the risk is that those doubts would be magnified going forward.” best cufflinks for groom. The GSMA finds itself caught up in a broader political struggle as trade tensions between the United States and China buffet the telecoms industry. U.S. officials have lobbied their European allies to ban Huawei, the global networks market leader. That is opposed by operators, with some saying the rollout of 5G services could be delayed by years if they have to rip out and replace Chinese kit in their networks..

Huawei denies that it has ever spied for Beijing, and says no credible evidence has ever been presented that its gear allows illicit access to the country’s intelligences services. FACT-BASED ASSESSMENT. European industry leaders have called for the United States to substantiate its arguments best cufflinks for groom. Vodafone CEO Nick Read said in Barcelona that this was needed to enable a “fact-based, risk-assessed review”. The European Commission is weighing whether to impose what would amount to a de-facto ban on Huawei, sources in Brussels have told Reuters..

In a keynote address to the Mobile World Congress, Digital Single Market Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said she took the industry’s concerns seriously and also called for a “fact-based assessment” best cufflinks for groom. It’s not yet clear whether that this similar rhetoric means Brussels will heed the industry’s arguments and refrain from imposing a blanket ban on Chinese suppliers. For European operators, though, the preference is clear that competition between, and choice of, network vendors is vital to ensure that they can innovate and seek new ways to grow..

LONDON (Reuters) – Saudi Aramco’s chief executive said on Tuesday the oil industry is facing “a crisis of perception” and the views of some observers that the end of oil is near with the rise of electric vehicles are illogical and not based on fact. Amin Nasser, CEO of the national oil company of the world’s top crude-exporting country, told an industry event in London that demand for oil is expected to increase substantially, driven mainly by the transportation sector. “Important stakeholders believe that the entire world will soon run on anything, but oil. These views are not based on logic and facts, and are formed mostly in response to pressure and hype,” he said in a rare, strongly worded remarks best cufflinks for groom.

“Our industry faces a crisis of perception with multiple stakeholders. Our traditional qualities of ample, reliable and affordable supply are not enough to meet society’s expectations today.” best cufflinks for groom. He said passenger vehicles made up just 20 percent of oil demand, while the rest came from other sectors such as planes, ships, trucks and petrochemicals, for which there was no alternative to oil yet to meet expected growth in demand. He called for more investment in the oil and gas sector to meet future growth and said the oil industry must “push back on exaggerated theories like peak oil demand”..

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Late last year, the retail giant also started a program that refers China-based sellers to local lenders. By comparison, Amazon offers loans to selected U.S., UK and Japan-based small businesses that sell on its site. Chiu credits Amazon for much of the firm’s success but is thinking of branching out, saying offers from retailers include invitations to sell online from Walmart Inc and U.S swank train cufflinks. shopping site Rue La La. A Walmart spokeswoman said the firm had no agreement in place with Orolay. Rue La La did not respond to requests for comment..

Expansion plans include extending Orolay’s product line to cotton clothing and men’s outerwear. But for now, Chiu is still marveling at how his business has become so successful in a market he barely knows swank train cufflinks. “I went to New York for vacation twice last year, and was so excited to see that people on the street are wearing our jackets,” he said. “I was very eager to ask them how they like our jackets, but didn’t do it because I don’t speak much English.”..

BEIJING (Reuters) – A top U.S. business lobby in China said on Tuesday that a majority of its member companies favored the United States retaining tariffs on Chinese goods while Washington and Beijing try to hammer out a deal to end a months-long trade war. The American Chamber of Commerce in China also said that over the past year substantially more of its members want the U.S. government to push Beijing harder to create a level playing field for U.S. businesses. U.S swank train cufflinks. President Donald Trump said on Monday that he may soon sign an agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping to end the trade dispute if their countries can bridge remaining differences, saying negotiators were “very, very close” to a deal..

That followed Trump’s announcement a day earlier that he would delay a tariff hike on $200 billion of Chinese goods and extend his March 1 deadline for a deal swank train cufflinks. Washington is demanding an end to the theft of trade secrets and practices that coerce U.S. companies to turn over technology to Chinese firms. China has given few details about the latest talks. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told reporters that as talks were still on-going, his understanding was that many of the details could not yet be revealed..

Lu noted that Xi has told Trump that he is willing to keep holding meetings between them. “I believe that both countries’ teams will make full preparation for matters related to a meeting between the two heads of state,” Lu added, without elaborating swank train cufflinks. About 10 percent of the chamber’s members favored raising tariffs rates on those $200 billion of Chinese goods from 10 percent to 25 percent after the original March 1 deadline agreed to by Trump and Xi in December. Another 43 percent advocated maintaining tariffs at 10 percent and delaying the increase for 60 days while negotiations continued, the chamber said at a briefing on its annual China business climate survey..

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JIAXING, China/NEW YORK (Reuters) – When Kevin Chiu left his job in 2012 to try his luck at starting an online apparel business in a rural Chinese city, his main goal was to carve out more time to spend with his wife and newborn child. It never entered his mind that his Orolay puffer jacket would become a huge hit, celebrated as the ‘Amazon Coat’ in U.S. social and traditional media – and held up as a budding rival to premium brand Canada Goose. Using duck down sourced from China’s Hebei and Anhui provinces, the polyester coats are priced between $80 and $139. By contrast, Canada Goose jackets start from about $575 in the United States tie pin and cufflink set.

“We made more money in January than we did for the whole of 2017,” Chiu, 32, told Reuters at his factory in the eastern Chinese city of Jiaxing tie pin and cufflink set. He estimates his firm made $5 million in sales last month and expects to bring in $30-$40 million this year. U.S. sales – almost all of which are sold through Amazon.com Inc – account for 70 percent of total revenue. Orolay’s success is, however, not just a tale of competitive pricing and a design that found favor with U.S. consumers. Chiu is among a wave of Chinese merchants that have benefited from measures introduced by Amazon in recent years that have made it easy for overseas vendors to sell on its site..

That’s provoked concerns among U.S. sellers on Amazon that they are being outgunned tie pin and cufflink set. And in industries such as apparel, experts say brick-and-mortar retailers cannot ignore the threat posed by the influx of small brands, many of which are based in China. “It’s the impact, collectively, that’s happening in the industry from all of these brands. When you add them up, they’re just all taking market share,” said Robert D’Loren, chief executive of Xcel Brands Inc, whose merchandise is sold at Macy’s Inc and on Amazon.com..

Amazon declined to comment on the view that U.S tie pin and cufflink set. firms are being undercut by Chinese merchants using its site. It does not break down the number of sellers on its sites by country. The number of Chinese merchants on Amazon is set to grow further as fierce competition and rising costs have made it less attractive to sell on local e-commerce sites like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s Tmall, analysts say. Indeed, Chiu no longer sells in China. Orolay’s other markets are Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Australia..

“We did sell on Alibaba in the early days..but competition in China is stiffer,” he said, adding that increased costs to use local sites was also a factor. In addition to fees to use Chinese e-commerce sites, sellers also face other costs such as investing in customer service teams. Alibaba declined to respond to Reuters questions about whether costs for vendors had increased. Analysts say the number of Chinese merchants selling on Amazon’s U.S. site began to pick up over the last five years after it introduced measures that allowed sellers worldwide to store products at Amazon warehouses and provided help shipping those goods to customers tie pin and cufflink set.

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Former Platinum Partners chief Mark Nordlicht and other executives of the now-defunct hedge fund group are due to go to trial on Tuesday on charges they defrauded investors out of $1 billion personalized cufflinks wedding. Opening statements are expected to begin in the morning before U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan in federal court in Brooklyn. On trial alongside Nordlicht are David Levy, who was Platinum’s co-chief investment officer; Joseph SanFilippo, who was chief financial officer of Platinum’s flagship Value Arbitrage fund; and Daniel Small, who was a Platinum managing director. All have pleaded not guilty..

Prosecutors charged the defendants in December 2016 with orchestrating two fraudulent schemes involving Platinum, which struggled to attract large institutional clients despite years of golden returns from niche and unsavory investments. In one scheme, Platinum was accused of overvaluing its often-illiquid assets to collect higher fees, and falsely reporting annualized returns topping 17 percent personalized cufflinks wedding. Authorities said Platinum operated “like a Ponzi scheme” by using new money to fund redemptions by earlier investors, which were referred to internally as “Hail Mary time.”..

The second alleged scheme centered on Black Elk, a Platinum-controlled oil exploration company. Prosecutors said the defendants defrauded Black Elk’s bondholders out of $50 million by diverting the proceeds of asset sales to Platinum ahead of Black Elk’s 2015 bankruptcy personalized cufflinks wedding. Reuters described Platinum’s use of related parties in its Black Elk bond vote in an April 2016 Special Report: here. Nordlicht has said in court papers he believed in good faith Platinum would resolve its liquidity issues and that the company’s collapse was caused by press coverage about the government’s investigation ahead of the indictment. He claims the reporting may have been fueled by leaks from prosecutors..

Cogan ruled last Tuesday that Nordlicht could introduce evidence about the effect of media coverage of the investigation on Platinum’s finances, but not about the source of the leaks personalized cufflinks wedding. Prosecutors have not publicly named their witnesses, though they are likely to include investors. Former Platinum Chief Operating Officer Naftali Manela and former Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Kaplan have pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, according to a person familiar with the case, suggesting they may testify as well..

Platinum’s assets are currently being liquidated under the oversight of court-appointed receivers. (To read more, see: here). Platinum was also implicated in corruption charges brought by Manhattan federal prosecutors against the former head of New York City’s prison guard union, Norman Seabrook, and Platinum co-founder Murray Huberfeld. Seabrook was found guilty last August of taking a bribe to invest $20 million of union funds in Platinum personalized cufflinks wedding. Huberfeld pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy last May for his role in the scheme..

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JPMorgan analysts had urged investors to curb some of their enthusiasm. “It is notable that 1) no new deadline date (on U.S. China trade talks) has been set and 2) there weren’t any formal statements published from either side following the talks in Washington.” military cufflinks and studs. Investors will also keep an eye on a two-day U.S.-North Korea summit this week where Trump and Kim Jong Un will try to reach an agreement on Pyongyang’s pledge to give up its nuclear weapons program. They will meet for a brief one-on-one conversation on Wednesday evening followed by a dinner, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters..

Financial markets were hit early last year when the two sides were exchanging aggressive rhetoric but the meetings have soothed the tensions and seen Trump fire his barbs elsewhere. Oil traders were dealing with part of that fallout after Trump sent crude prices tumbling more than 3 percent with a fresh attack on OPEC for keeping crude prices “too high” military cufflinks and studs. Brent, the global oil benchmark, clawed back around 50 cents to get back above $65 ahead of U.S. trading while U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude inched up to $55.50..

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will not intervene in the case of a prominent U.S. investor arrested over embezzlement accusations, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, playing down pressure to release him before trial. The detention of Michael Calvey, a founder of Baring Vostok Capital Partners, has rattled foreign investors in Moscow and is likely to further strain U.S.-Russian ties already under pressure over everything from Syria to espionage claims. Calvey was held earlier this month along with three other executives from his private equity group after investigators accused them of stealing 2.5 billion roubles ($38.09 million) military cufflinks and studs.

Calvey denies that, saying the allegations are intended to pressure him in a business dispute over a Russian bank where he is a board member. The head of sovereign wealth fund Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), its biggest state bank, and a former finance minister have all called for a softer approach. And Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, in comments reported by the RBC media portal late on Monday, said businessmen should not be held in jail while under investigation without guilt proven military cufflinks and studs. House arrest was a more appropriate alternative, he said..

Asked for reaction to Siluanov’s remarks, the Kremlin said Putin believed the Calvey case should be allowed to run its course despite Baring Vostok’s appeal for him to get involved. “The president cannot interfere in any way in investigative processes,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. Every investigation should be viewed on its own merits without drawing wider conclusions about the business climate or such cases in general, he added military cufflinks and studs. “We can hardly speak about this (alleged heavy-handed treatment) being systemic in this case because the questions are to do with observing the law. These are questions that law enforcement authorities should deal with,” Peskov said..

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Left’s appeal, which was heard last month, hinged on points of law after judges in 2017 refused him leave to appeal on findings of fact in the original case. In a written judgment, the three judges at Hong Kong’s Court of Appeal rejected both Left’s submission that the Tribunal did not have the jurisdiction to hear the case, and that it had used the wrong definition of recklessness in making its original decision. Left’s solicitor did not immediately respond to a request for comment british airways cufflinks.

In June 2012, Left published a research report in which he said that Evergrande was insolvent and had defrauded investors. After the publication of the report, Evergrande’s shares dropped nearly 20 percent. In its 2016 ruling, the Market Misconduct Tribunal said that Left had been reckless or at the least, negligent, and that the report’s assertions of fraudulent accounting and insolvency were “false and/or misleading”. In 2016, Left said the original ruling marked a step backwards for fair and open markets in Hong Kong british airways cufflinks.

(Reuters) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc said losses related to ongoing lawsuits could possibly exceed its reserve for legal matters by up to $1.9 billion. The amount disclosed in the filing is considered as a separate accounting item from legal reserves, and covers all matters considered “reasonably possible”, the bank said. In September, the investment bank said its losses could be up to $1.8 billion in excess of its reserve british airways cufflinks. The bank did not give specific details on why it raised its loss estimate..

Apart from the lawsuits Goldman is already facing, it is being investigated by Malaysian authorities and the U.S. Department of Justice for its role as underwriter and arranger of three bond sales that raised $6.5 billion for 1Malaysia Development Berhad british airways cufflinks. The Malaysian government said in December it was seeking up to $7.5 billion in reparations from Goldman over its dealings with 1MDB. The bank added $844 million to its legal and regulatory provisions last year, more than four times what it set aside in 2017, though it did not specify the purpose..

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Volkswagen on Tuesday said it will launch an entry-level JETTA brand in China in the third quarter this year, as a way to capture first-time buyers in the world’s largest car market which has started to sputter british airways cufflinks. Car sales in China fell for a seventh straight month in January, the country’s top auto industry association said earlier this month. A third of the Chinese car market is in a segment which is positioned below the main volume segment, where the Volkswagen brand is market leader, VW said..

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Putin has not yet spoken publicly about the Calvey case in detail, but told a closed door meeting of Russian journalists that security services should be given a chance to prove their case, according to someone at the meeting. One source close to the Kremlin, who declined to be named because of the matter’s sensitivity, suggested the government was less of a bystander, however, and was trying to work towards having Calvey moved to house arrest alphabet cufflinks india. Calvey, who began working in Russia in 1994 and is well-known in financial circles, is due to appeal his detention later this week..

Baring Vostok has invested in successful Russian brands such as the Yandex search engine. According to its web site, it has over $3.7 billion of committed capital with an investor base of pension funds, university endowments, sovereign wealth funds, and other funds from North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The U.S. Embassy in Moscow said on Tuesday that one of its diplomats had finally been allowed to see Calvey in custody 12 days after his detention to offer him support. It had previously complained multiple requests to see him had not been satisfied alphabet cufflinks india.

(Reuters) – French carmaker PSA Group may begin assembling Opel cars at its Russian plant in Kaluga, the company said on Tuesday, as it reintroduces the brand to the country. As part of a plan to address its dependency on Europe, PSA said earlier that it would also launch its Peugeot brand in the U.S. and its Citroen brand in India. The Opel brand was withdrawn from Russia by its then owner General Motors in 2015, the height of a crisis in the country’s car market due to a sharp depreciation in the rouble alphabet cufflinks india. PSA bought the Opel and Vauxhall brands from GM in 2017..

PSA is considering the possibility of assembling Opel cars at its plant in Russia, a company representative told Reuters, without detailing dates, production volume or models. “Local production is one of the priorities and the main tool of a successful automotive business in Russia,” the representative said. “Taking this into account, we are considering the possibility of expanding the model range in Kaluga and do not rule out assembling Opel cars (there).”. PSA owns a 70 percent stake in the Kaluga plant, which has a total capacity of 125,000 cars per year, while Mitsubishi owns the remaining 30 percent alphabet cufflinks india.

HONG KONG (Reuters) – U.S. short seller Andrew Left lost his legal bid on Tuesday to overturn a five-year ban from Hong Kong’s financial markets and a fine for market manipulation alphabet cufflinks india. Left, founder of U.S.-based short-seller Citron Research, was banned in 2016 after he was found culpable of market misconduct in connection with the publication of a research report on Chinese property developer China Evergrande Group. The Hong Kong Market Misconduct Tribunal also ordered Left to repay HK$1.6 million – around $206,000 at the exchange rate at the time – in profits made while shorting the stock..