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Those shareholders had committed “irrevocably” to tender their shares at the offered price even if a higher rival offer came out monogrammed cufflinks and tie clip. For Nasdaq to win control it would need either Norwegian regulators to back its bid over Euronext’s or for the shareholders who committed to Euronext to let their commitments lapse, which could happen from August, Nasdaq Nordic CEO Lauri Rosendahl told Reuters. Even with the support of a majority of Oslo Bors’s shareholders, Euronext may decide to raise its offer to fend off Nasdaq..

Euronext was invited to bid for the company by a group of Oslo Bors shareholders without informing the company’s management. When the acquisition attempt was made public, the board of Oslo Bors said it would look to the market for a rival bid to make sure shareholders would get the best deal monogrammed cufflinks and tie clip. Euronext, which runs exchanges in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Dublin, is looking to expand its portfolio but remaining opportunities are scarce as market operators either already belong to large groups or because their shareholders want to remain independent..

OSLO (Reuters) – Norwegian bank DNB, the largest owner of Oslo Bors VPS, will continue to support Nasdaq’s bid for the stock market operator even if Euronext were to raise its rival offer, a spokesman said on Monday monogrammed cufflinks and tie clip. “Nasdaq is definitely the best industrial owner of Oslo Bors VPS,” said a DNB spokesman. Asked whether a potential higher bid by Euronext could change DNB’s mind, he said: “It wouldn’t change our conclusion”. DNB owns close to 20 percent of the Oslo Bors..

MILAN (Reuters) – An aging population and struggling state finances could turn into an unlikely boon for Italy’s banks, which have turned to a growing market for insurance to brighten their prospects monogrammed cufflinks and tie clip. Intesa SanPaolo has marketed the move loud and clear since June last year, splashing white and green “Bank Insurance” stickers across its branches. The country’s biggest retail bank is leading a push to cross-sell to Italians who have traditionally shunned protection against medical bills or property damage, relying instead on their wealth, generous public health and tight family networks..

That is changing, with shifts in society and state spending constraints expected to drive demand for property and casualty (P&C) insurance, an opportunity Italian banks can ill afford to miss monogrammed cufflinks and tie clip. Battling loan losses and negative interest rates, Italian banks have also seen their asset management fees hurt by Italy’s latest economic woes, while technology is exposing the industry to outside competition in core areas such as payments. They have now identified a new potential source of revenues..