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Tortoise and Hare Cufflinks

The plan comes after Germany in November set aside 1 billion euros to support battery cell production to reduce dependence on Asian suppliers and shore up jobs at home that may be at risk from the shift away from combustion engines louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks. French officials said the two European countries will work on Franco-German initiatives, at a time when their countries’ carmakers are waking up to the threats posed from relying on Chinese suppliers in an age of international trade wars. “For a long time, European carmakers considered it was not up to them to develop battery production,” a French official said..

“Now, those advocating for an international division of labor are forced to realize that trade war exists,” added the official. While some carmakers assemble battery packs, Europe has no significant production of their constituent cells – currently dominated by a handful of firms including China’s CATL and Korean rivals LG Chem and Samsung louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks. “China has a very aggressive strategy to eventually dominate the electric vehicle universe by starting from electric batteries all the way up the value chain,” the official said..

Peugeot-maker PSA threw its support behind efforts to create a European manufacturer of electric car batteries in March last year. Domestic rival Renault, which sources electric-car batteries from LG Chem, also said it could buy cells from a European supplier as production of electric vehicles ramps up. “We’re noticing a realization among carmakers that tomorrow’s competition will require a local battery industry,” the French official said. Macron’s plan will also include facilitating the construction of electric vehicle (EV) charging points, giving more visibility to carmakers about electric vehicle bonuses for consumers and increasing the government’s EV purchasing targets louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks.

BOSTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – In America’s corporate boardrooms, diversity is making uneven progress: Women increasingly are pulling up a chair while racial and ethnic minorities still rarely get seats at the table. Twenty-seven percent of new directors at companies in the Russell 3000 Index were women during 2016-2018, up from 21 percent in the previous three-year period, according to estimates by ISS Analytics in an analysis for Reuters News. In 2018 alone, the figure was 32 percent. Though women still are underrepresented, their gains have been more substantial than those of African-Americans and Latinos. These groups comprised only 5 percent and 2 percent, respectively, of new directors in 2016-2018, little changed from the previous three-year period louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks.

White men have long dominated U.S louis vuitton champs elysees cufflinks. corporate boards, for reasons including bias and insular networks that don’t necessarily invite in female or minority candidates. Some executives say it’s hard to find qualified candidates of diverse backgrounds and difficult at times even to discern candidates’ race or ethnicity. Now, directors and experts say, women are gaining seats partly in response to pressure from influential investment firms and lawmakers. It is partly convenience. Women are easier to count and make up a larger pool to draw from..